Beautify Rose Gold Beauty Trolley โ€“ Travel Case
	Beautify Rose Gold Beauty Trolley โ€“ Travel Case

Beautify Rose Gold Beauty Trolley โ€“ Travel Case

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Beautify Rose Gold Beauty Trolley โ€“ Travel Case Review

How To Makeup : Add your eye makeup

Apply the sublayer. This is another optional product, but if you use a base for shadows, your shadow will look beautiful any longer. Otherwise, you noticed that the eye shadow disappears or becomes fat and accumulates in the folds of the eyelids after a few hours. Use your finger to remove the base from the shadows and blend it with the root of the eyelashes at the top of the fold. Use powder to create the perfect base to blend shadows.

Put a shadow on the eyes. There are many ways to apply shade, although the simplest and most classic look is the use of color throughout the eyelid. Use a shade brush (or finger to get more pigmentation) to apply a shadow on the eyelid, starting from the center near the eyelash line and drowning. Moisten your eyeshadow in a natural complexion near creases and in and out of the corners of your eyes to avoid fine lines. If you want to get a slightly more dramatic effect, apply a second, C-shaped, C-shaped shadow from the outer corner of the eyelash line up around the eyelid fold. Finish by cleaning the brightest and brightest color from the inner corner and ending in the middle, harmonizing with the rest.

Apply your eyeliner. The eyeliner aims at the illusion of a thicker eyelash line; choose a color that looks like a natural hair color (or brown if you have blonde hair) to go through the lashes. For a dirty look, use eyeliners or give a liquid or creamy eyeliner. Draw a dotted line or dotted line on the eyelash line, then connect the dots to create a complete and unbroken line. You can wrap the end if you want, otherwise you just have to follow the wick line from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Finish with mascara. To compensate for eye makeup, close your eyes with a small mascara. There are several mascots to choose depending on the appearance you want; If you have short lashes, use mascara that will be longer, or if you have thin lashes, use a huge mascara. Dip the brush into the mascara and gently wipe the excess surface on the edge of the container or paper towel. Look straight and apply it on the upper lashes line, making the movements upward. Start with the inner part of the eye and exit. Put both eyes in two layers and then let it dry. If you want, you can also apply eyelashes to the lower lashes.

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